3.2 futureDecide™ / ERDP Software Components

  • futureDecide™ / ERDP is built with and operates using a combination of standard open-source software components and proprietary web applications written primarily in Java.  The web applications run in Jboss, the leading Java-based web application container.  Jboss is now owned by Red Hat, and is widely used by banks, airlines, hotels, and similar organizations that require reliable “industrial strength” web application functionality.  (See jboss.com)
  • Data is stored in mySQL, the leading open source database (See mySQL.org)
  • Web applications are written in proprietary Java and java server pages code, and leverage various open source technologies including struts, hibernate, javascript, velocity, jfreeChart, Open Flash Charts, and a variety of other libraries
  • The underlying operating system is Mac OSX Server, a robust and secure variant of Unix, running on an Apple XServe

Software Components


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