3.3 futureDecide™ / ERDP Modules Overview

The following provides an overview of the functionality of the main proprietary web application modules that work together to provide the unique functionalities offered by futureDecide™ / ERDP.  Collectively, these modules represent ~300,000 lines of code


• Used to register users / reviewers / entities
benchmark • “Core” module: starting point for most logins

•  Processes ProGrid® Language Ladder™ content

•  Processes entity and grouped entity content

•  Provides all customized ERDP™+ interfaces

inform •  Processes non-language ladder content (text, pull-down, multimenu, etc.)
vsm •  Implements TVC® / value stream modelling functionality
manager •  Used by ERDP™+ admins to manage content, services, subscriptions, etc.
service •  Contains core user / enterprise / entity objects and related managers.  Accessed via lib file only. Supports all other modules