8.3 Applicant / Supplier Registration

Registration normally has two steps:  User Registration, and Proposal Registration. An applicant will first need to register as a User by clicking on the link provided in the instructions.  This will open up a page similar to that below.  The choices made on this page, which are explained in the instructions, differ based on whether the applicant / supplier has previously registered on the BAI system or is a new user.

Applicant Registration

The subsequent steps in the User registration process include:

  • Providing additional user details if required, and selecting or providing a password
  • Agreeing to the terms and conditions for use of the online service.  Optionally, a client may provide terms and conditions for the Program that the applicant must agree to on registration
  • Optionally, the client may provide Eligibility Criteria which an applicant must respond to correctly in order to register

Following User registration, an applicant is normally required to provide some initial information about the application to complete the registration process (Proposal Registration)

An Applicant / Supplier who is already registered as a User for this Service may proceed directly to Proposal registration if they intend to submit more than one.

When a user registers a Proposal, the platform creates an “entity” object related to that user application, and assigns to that entity an “entityId” (unique in the database), and an “entityProgramId” (unique for the program to which the user is applying).  The “entityProgramId” is numeric but can be customized to include other identifying information related to the program.  All user data, reviewer data related to the user application, and all decision and other admin data is linked to the entityId and/or entityProgramId.