7.1 Background

ERDP™+ functionalities relating to performance and value measurement build on insights about performance and value generated over the past 17 years through the association of Rob McLean with Bill Swirsky, Pat Sullivan, the CICA, the ICM Gathering, and others, including in particular:

  • The CICA’s early work on intangibles and intellectual capital in the 1990s
  • The CICA’s Total Value Creation® project, including pilot projects with Aventis Pharma and other organizations
  • Collaboration with the ICMG and the ICM Gathering, including pilot projects with various corporate clients
  • The Value Measurement and Reporting Collaborative, and in particular the publication, Rediscovering Measurement
  • Collaboration with the Scottish Intellectual Assets Centre and Scottish Enterprise
  • Experience with the Ontario’s Green Schools Pilot Initiative and GreenFIT initiative