3.5 futureDecide™ / ERDP Data Architecture

futureDecide™ / ERDP data is stored in multiple databases and tables, each of which is optimized to store a specific type of data in such a way as to facilitate use of that data in constructing real-time interfaces and downloadable or pdf reports :

  • “benchmark” data consists of language ladder positioning (A, B, C, etc.).  Assessment comments are stored as text.
  • “entity” data consists of label / value pairs stored as strings
  • “inform” provides mechanisms for storing data from text boxes, select drop-down menus, multiple-select boxes, checkboxes, and variations on the above.  All inform data is stored as strings or text
  • “vsm” data consists of properties related to value streams, revenue / cost / profit / metrics curves, scenarios, and events.  Vsm data may be stored as object properties, integers, and strings
  • “uploads” data consists of uploaded pdf files stored in directories on the server, and file names, file paths and other properties stored as strings
  • “service” data consists of data about users, services, subscriptions, and enterprises / organizations, mainly stored as object properties