2.3 Program Administrators

Program Administrators are provided with a “ProgramAdmin Dashboard” that provides access to various administrative functions as well as continually-updated status on applications and reviews.  ProgramAdmin dashboard features include:

  • Statistics menu provides a quick overview of program activity, including registrations, submissions, reviews, etc.
  • Proposal/Application Menu provides status of completion of all applications from the moment an applicant registers through to submission
  • Reviewer/Admin Menu provides ability to authorize access for reviewers and admin users
  • Review Management menu enables assigning applications to reviewers and monitoring the status of completion of assigned reviews
  • Reporting menu provides access to a wide range of standard and customized reports
  • Decision and Notifications Management menu enables recording of decisions and feedback comments, and enables notification emails to be generated and sent to applicants to communicate the results of the decision process
  • Admin Utilities includes the ability to send individual or broadcast emails to applicants and reviewers
  • An optional Meta Menu can tracks related applications along a decision continuum

ProgramAdmin Screenshots