2.2 Expert Reviewers

Expert reviewers can register and be assigned applications to review.  Upon logging in, a reviewer will see a personalized “Reviewer Dashboard” that lists all of the applications they have been matched with. The review process is entirely paperless, since reviewers can gain access to all the information they need to conduct their review through the Reviewer Dashboard.

Once a reviewer has selected an application to review they can click “View” to open up a window that provides the full set of the applicant’s responses to the data input requirements.

The platform then leads the reviewer through the review criteria, inviting a response to each criterion.  To optimize efficiency for reviewers, each screen provides:

  • the applicant’s self-assessment and rationale relative to that review criterion
  • access to selected other data inputs relevant to that specific review criterion

Reviewers are invited to provide a brief commentary on their assessments relative to each criterion, and optionally an overall comment summarizing their perspective on the application.

Reviewer Screenshots