2.1 Applicants / Suppliers

Applicants or suppliers may register for a client Service and then access a series of screens that enable them to respond to the relevant data input requirements.  These constitute their application, proposal, or submission, which can be done entirely online.

The platform supports a wide range of input or question types, including text, textarea, dropdown menu, multiple select boxes, single and multiple select checkboxes, mini-spreadsheets for entering quantitative data such as a project budget, and language ladder selections. It also enables uploads of supporting documents.

A typical online application / proposal consists of several parts, and might be organized as follows:

  • Part 1: Applicant and organization data
  • Part 2: Project details
  • Part 3: Societal and operating impacts
  • Part 4: Self-assessment relative to review criteria
  • Part 5: Required uploads

When a completed application is submitted, the platform automatically records a timestamp and provides a confirmation email with an attached pdf file the provides a record of all applicant responses to data input requirements.

Applicant Screenshots

The platform can support an optional “self-assessment preview” that enables an applicant to anonymously respond to a subset of input requirements to help them decide whether their application is a good fit for the program.