6.4 ProGrid® Example: Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI)

• In 1997, the Canadian Government granted approximately $1B to an independent foundation whose objective was to attract leveraged investments designed to re-vitalize Canada’s public research infrastructure.  By 2010, the capital investments by this organization – the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) – and its public and private sector partners, has exceeded $10B.  As implied by the name of CFI, “innovation” was the key factor in decision-making.

• A ProGrid team, led by Ron McCullough, facilitated the CFI senior management group and Board of Directors in determining what the critical drivers for CFI decision making needed to be in order to maximize the value created by CFI and partner investments.  Using this input, the ProGrid team produced a decision framework of a Matrix and Language LaddersTM in the ProGrid format and methodology to be used for CICP.  This decision framework has been used – with variations and modifications – by CFI for over a decade through a custom built on-line system.  The original CFI decision framework matrix and an example of one Language LadderTM are as follows:

CFI Example