1. What is the futureDecide™ platform (ERDP)?

futureDecide™ (ERDP) is a comprehensive solution that:

  • enables structured decision processes that require inputs from multiple experts to support good decisions;
  • embeds within the decision processes the ability to model performance and value outcomes of the decisions;
  • has the ability to track decision outcomes and impacts over time.

Key features of futureDecide™ (ERDP) include:

  • A robust proven structured decision methodology that is transparent and highly credible.  The ProGrid Decision Methodology has been used to allocate more than $10 billion of innovation-related funding in Canada.
  • Leading edge value modelling methodologies for comparing the economic and societal impact claims and potential return on investment of candidate technologies, to assist in identifying the ones that offer the greatest long-term value potential for society.  TVC® was developed with the support of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants, and can be leveraged through ERDP+ to provide both simple and complex value stream models based on applicant input.
  • Efficient, user-friendly, paperless processes based on bilingual content and user interfaces that are purpose-designed to facilitate workflow and save time for all stakeholders of a structured decision process
  • Insightful analytics featuring high-impact integrated visualizations to facilitate decisions, accompanied by flexible reporting and archiving options
  • Monitoring and management dashboards that provide program administrators with continuously updated status information on registrations, submissions, and reviews
  • Web-based access using a normal web browser, which maximizes accessibility and minimizes training and support costs
  • A hosted industrial-strength underlying web platform, located in a secure and reliable colocation facility in Toronto, which avoids the need to seek internal IT approvals or technical support

ERDP™ is normally made available to clients in connection with a professional services contact or under a specific services and licensing arrangement.  It is not currently available for outright purchase or implementation through an internal contract software development project.