4.2 Browser support

All interactions with ERDP™+ can be accomplished using a standard web browser.  Current and recent versions of Internet Explorer (Windows), Safari (OSX, iOS), and Mozilla Firefox (Windows, OSX, Linux) are regularly tested and supported.  Most other standards-compliant browsers are compatible.

Technical requirements / recommendations include:

  • Javascript and cookies must be turned on in the user’s browser settings
  • Review and admin users must permit the platform to open popup-windows
  • Best viewed with screen resolution of at least 1024×768

There are a few instances of minor differences across browsers, generally related to the version of javascript they support.  For example, where word limits are specified for comment boxes, the platform provides a “word count” feature.  The displayed word count may have minor differences across browsers.  However, the error is normally within the margin that we recommend for word limits (which are normally set 10% above the suggested limit.)